Sabtu, 24 Juli 2010


bromo has been one of the exicitng place to visit in the world.thera many visitor who event so much fell at home.by going upstairs to the peak of bromo we can see sunset and sunrise,amazing it is only bedone in bromo
bromo mount lies on consenvatory area of national park semeru.the park located on achain of volcanoes strectching along java island.norh of tengger there is caldera which is wonderful.with diameter of 8-10km,while the height of the steep wall ranges from 200-700 metres.bromo mount is still an active volcano which usualy smokes out at a certain time

the most noticeable plant are cemara,accasia,adas[anethum graveolen]or edelwise.the fauna in this park area ;deer,monkey,pitta bird and belibis

the maingate tothe sea of sandand by cem
orolawang.the activity could be done such as;camping,watching seenery.horse riding or jogging track
to get cemorolawang route is probolinggo-tongas-sukapura-ngadisari,42km by private or public transportation.ngadisari to cemorolawang about 3km it could be reached on foot or by jeep.
about the comunity people

the region people is hindu like bali that why on the feed mount bromo thera is pura to pray into the god .thera are annual kasodo every year in pura to make holy ceremony after that they will climb to the crater to cast offerings into the hissing.seething inner crater.casodo ceremony usualy tobe done inthe end of years.according to the legend,thera are young couples joko seger roroanteng they were pray to the god of bromo to have childrens,and in return later,promised the lasts child to sacrifice after couple years joko seger and roro anteng get many childrens but refused tosacrifice the last child.when treatened by the god with fire and disaster.joko seger finaly did perform sacrifice.as the child was being thrown into the crater.the voice of the child was heard ordering an annual ceremony tobe perfomance at the vulcano that the legend of kasodo ceremony.
about acomodation

thera are many hotels around bromo such grand bromo hotel is located in
portal east java only afew minutes from the stark grandeur of volcanic panorama with the three stars hotel facilities from bus station probolinggo about 15km but if you want acomodation near feet bromo alot of small hotels around there it is cheapper than hotel star and we can choice the hotel with the direct panorama to bromo mount it is great.amazing panorama ,fress air nice people and easy going so welcome to bromo.

now days mount bromo still happening small eruption soo the activity tours to bromo forbiden in 2kilo metera are in danger radius.the dust rain is still happening until now everyday people tengger distub with this condition the farmer lost millions rupiah because all the farm damage because the dust but thanks to god there is no victim as long as bromo eruption we hope this situation will be the end