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1.typical festival in Indonesia

no wonder that Indonesia offers a wide range of festivals that are very distinctive features of their culture, reflecting the ethnic diversity and traditions from various parts of the archipelago. You will find that the diversity in the six festival is unique to Indonesia, ranging from the celebration of art, batik, dance and ceremony. If possible, you can witness one of the festival during his visit to Indonesia!

krakatau festival
Krakatoa Festival is an annual festival held in Lampung, was held to celebrate the volcanic island of the same name, Krakatau. Mount Krakatoa erupted in 1927, the eruption was then generate new small islands, called Anak Krakatau. During the festival, visitors can enjoy various performances such as Carnival Tuping (Lampung Carnival Masks), elephants and a variety of dances from Lampund and surrounding towns. End of series of events was a visit to the volcanic island, is still active but sleeping soundly. For a while!

bali arts festival

One of the biggest annual celebration of arts and culture in Indonesia, Bali Arts Festival is always crowded. During the entire month, various art shows, exhibitions and other cultural activities will take place in Bali, offering dance, music and the beauty of their culture. Celebration of the famous attractions such as traditional dances that have been almost forgotten, the trace of a remote area in Bali, food, crafts, as well as new creations from the dance school in Denpasar and contemporary choreography of national and international artists.

Solo Batik Carnival
Since time immemorial, batik tradition has always had very strong roots in Solo. Kotadi Central Javanese batik has been made even as an icon and identity, an accurate picture of a city famous for its beauty and subtlety of the behavior of his kingdom. Solo Batik Carnival was held to reinforce that tradition, and to promote batik on national and international scale. This event is a combination of ceremonies, fashion shows and carnivals, all using batik as a theme. There will also be a market that offers a wide range of souvenirs unique batik and Solo.

Baliem Valley festival
The festival is rooted in the belief that the typical local Papuan tribal war keuasaan and not only conflict of interest, but also a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Since 20 years ago, local governments have stressed the importance of peace between the tribes who fought to prevent retaliation and prolonged loss of life. Thus, the Baliem Valley Festival is an event held to replace the war between the tribes. As you may have guessed, the main event is the inter-tribal warfare. Imagine more than 20 different tribes with their respective 30 to 50 people wearing traditional dress, carrying spears, bows, arrows and machetes! There are also performances and a host of other attractions, such as local traditional games, dances, as well as local cuisine.