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surabaya city guide

Surabaya one of maingate to visit bromo from international airport juanda soo I will write about Surabaya city guide.
surabaya as metropolis city which developing continue,have icons stick to with the name.listening surabaya word. show then came the mind the things that bring the perception of the city, which is also known as heroes city.does not involve consideration of the value in presenting this icon,simply a response to people outside Surabaya when asked what is the best known of Surabaya.the following five surabaya icon according to my version

this surabaya typical food is simple but still sought despite.consists of two kinds of vegetables.that is to say the semanggi leaf and boiled sprouts with the seasoning special from peanuts and sweet potatoes, brown sugar
These foods are usually sold around by women,but you know,semanggi peddler scattered in various places disurabaya come from one village,kendung village benowo
if you are entering kendung village agricultural land that still seem planted with semanggi.clover plant relative ferns nails,only a few centimeters high meter.the leaf green,in sheets leaf only four.about the price five thousand idr with the crackers as spoon to eat.
2.statue suro and boyo(fish and crocodile)
from phase long time ago the symbol of Surabaya always display items fish and crocodile.Despite the change in shape and position, and various ornaments ambient.until then applied as an icon of Surabaya in the form three-dimensional.
application of the symbol fish and crocodile in the form statue which fight among the tendrils of marine so that it looks beautiful.this icon was built in the corners city surabaya to be an inspiration and symbol of the city.
nicknames in the region's largest commercial prostitution southeast asia for dolly is too excessive in there thera are only 55 guest of fame and about 1500 harlot perhaps in other country bigger than dolly.is not the achievement
what can I say,many people out of surabaya know red-light district dolly in surabaya
bonek term first appeared in 1989 to describe supporter persebaya,football club
pride of the city of Surabaya people.bonek are the first indonesia supporter formalism away supporters.terminologically bonek akronim from java language bondo nekat(reckless capital)rumors, bonek ranked two in the world under British hooligans, in terms of militancy and fanaticism.
bonek, is one of the icons are very attached to surabaya.spirit arek suroboyo heroism also flows bonek mania soul that must be maintained in a positive direction and clean from the wild-made elements that infiltrate the bonek
suramadu is the longest bridge in indonesia.this bridge was built since 2002,used cable stayed bridge as much 11.688 ton steel,10.813 ton iron,5.200 ton cable and 78.616 ton armoured concrete.this bridge estimated could resist one century
30 meter wide bridge was impassable for cars and motor vehicles,with emergency lanes each meter 2,75.special strip motor vehicles are in the left and right way,admission rates 3000 IDR for motor vehicles and 30.000 IDR for car.Suramadu surrounding area surabaya side designed as a mixed use area in here you can get
souvenir like post card,brigde replica,poster,t-shirt and Keychains

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visit bromo look in beach bentar

For the visitors who have been to bromo mount by pass probolinggo town must have visit beantar beach the location about six km from bus station bayuangga probolinggo or 15 minute going to by regular transport. it is in highway probolinggo to banyuwangi in seven km.There is a hill beside the Bentar Indah beach, because it’s located on the main road curve. There is white sand that spread along the beach and watch the interesting of sea waves in Bentar beach.
There is white sand that spread along the beach and watch the interesting of sea waves in Bentar beach.people could be fishing near mangrove forest in the side east beach bentar
From the top of the Hill, visible places are side Bentar beach with the backdrop of the beautiful sea view. Beach Travel Park Bentar in Probolinggo is the basis of public projects that deal with tourism. In accordance with the draft concepts, attracting visitors in large numbers and improve facilities and to add new objects, which raised the image of tourism. Place of tourist beaches briefly.
One attraction is the beach Bentar Probolinggo presence of sharks. Sharks Bentar just stop at the beach in January through March. Sometimes, early April can still be seen. Usually visitors are offered a boat to sail and see the sharks at close range. Although, a great man, these sharks are not vicious. Because he just likes to eat plakton. If you do not get to sail, visitors can be difficult sharks binoculars aids. Currently, according to records, the number of sharks usually stop at the beach Bentar about a dozen birds. They came from Australia to Probolinggo to seek warmer waters.

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kuandalini yoga is healty

visit bromo at kasada ceremony

visit the kasado bromo this years

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