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tips to buy by the compact

1. Lightweight and easy to carry

The first rule for souvenirs is looking for the most lightweight and easy to carry, but in keeping with the character receiving a souvenir. The more familiar you are with people who will be given by the-by, will more easily find it.

If your sister really like things that smell ethnicity, then look for the objects are small, lightweight, and easy to carry, such as bracelets, necklaces or ornaments of wood or bamboo, but not a stone statue. If want to give large and heavy objects, set aside funds for shipping costs and arrange delivery souvenirs rather than bring your own trouble.
2. Economical package

Usually the gift shop also sells goods in packages other than the unit. Printilan such as key chains and pens are available in a package containing a few pieces at a price that is cheaper than the unit.

Such souvenirs are suitable for friends or campus office. In addition to saving the budget, there will not envy each other because of different souvenirs. You did not need to bother thinking about the various kinds of souvenirs to buy.
3. Food and beverages

Another option for a souvenir is a typical local food or drink. But by-the many obstacles of this type: pretty heavy, not durable (if wet food), and quite bothered him.

The surplus, a souvenir of this type readily available and does not need to think about compatibility as it can for anyone. In terms of budget can be quite efficient because you do not need to buy the appropriate number of people who will be given. At the office, a large cake pan or seplastik chips could be for one department.
4. T-shirts

Why are everywhere sold t-shirts bearing the name of the destination location? Yes because the T-shirt is the most common objects used by everyone and most people want to have a memento that can be used.

In addition to easily packed in the bag folded because they live among other items, also available in a wide selection of designs, colors and prices. However, T-shirts can be impractical and expensive if you buy all office colleagues, especially if you buy a shirt in the U.S. or Europe. So really think about who you give the sock so that not many and overpriced.
5. Where to buy

Buy souvenirs at the airport must have its price soaring. Most people buy at the souvenir shop located near a tourist center, but usually the price of goods here is rather expensive. If you do intend spending a lot and have enough time, look for the market or shops where ordinary citizens to shop locally.

Usually the price in places like this is cheaper than the shops in the central tourist area. Another option is a supermarket or a store that provides various kinds of souvenirs. It is more expensive than the market, but cheaper than the souvenir shop.
6. Measure the ability of self-

Do not force yourself into buying souvenirs. If there is no budget, no need to bother buying a souvenir, unless you are given cash by the penitip to buy something. It's a gift almost as a necessity in Indonesia but that does not mean can not be ignored. Social heaviest penalty of not bringing a gift is labeled stingy. Ignore aja, aja so why bother.

stay comfortably in long flights

Choose the most comfortable chair

Almost all major airlines have online check-in facilities at their website, which is usually open 36 hours before departure. Through this facility we can choose the most comfortable seats long before other people in line at the airport.

Make sure you choose a seat on the aisle or near a window. Seats on the outskirts of the alley allows you to stretch your legs. Chair near the window is also a good option because you can lean my head if you go to sleep. In addition, the view outside the aircraft will be easily visible.
Bring your entertainment equipment

The aircraft used in long haul flights are usually equipped with entertainment facilities. However, the choice of music and movies that are offered are often not suit our tastes. In order not getting bored, it's worth bringing your own entertainment equipment. You can play your favorite movies through the tablet or laptop computer. Do not forget to also bring the music player.

If you love to read, you can also bring magazines or books light reading. Do not read a book whose theme seriously because it can make the mind becomes tense. Long flight is making you quite stressful. So, no need to mention the tension levels.
Limit the goods brought into the cabin

Takes too many items into the cabin is not only inconvenient, but also can create stress along the way. Every time someone opened the storage bag over your head, you can be alarmed for fear of loss of goods.
Move your limbs

Sitting in a chair long plane causes the blood circulation becomes less smooth. This condition is called economy class syndrome and can bring serious health problems. To fix this, do moderate exercise or simple yoga movements several hours. Examples of motion exercises or yoga is usually loaded magazine in the cabin or exhibited through a mini LCD screen in front of your chair.

In addition, tense the muscles of your body every time the toilet. You can also walk briefly in the hallway. However, make sure it is not done for too long so as not to disturb other passengers and cabin crew.
Wear comfortable clothing

Avoid using the clothing that is too tight. Besides less comfortable, tight clothing can also interfere with blood circulation. Also, select clothing made of cotton, not the clothing of synthetic material which does not absorb sweat. Do not forget to also bring a jacket or sweater to overcome the feeling of cold in the cabin.
Prevent dehydration

Drink water in sufficient quantities. Avoid consumption of alcohol or caffeinated beverages because they can make the body more dehydrated. Symptoms of dehydration usually characterized by weakness, dizziness and nausea. Certainly is not very convenient if you experience it.

It is better you bring your own drinks because the water is distributed very few flight attendants. You can buy drinks at duty free shops after passing through airport checkpoints. Or it could also bring an empty bottle and fill it through the existing drinking water tap in the passenger waiting room.
Bring snacks and a hangover

Food distributed in the plane tends to be high-carbohydrate but low in protein. In fact, in a grueling long flight, the body requires more protein intake. To meet the protein needs, you can eat snacks like nuts or protein bars that are now widely sold.

To overcome airsickness, you can drink traditional medicines that contain ginger and ginseng. Do not use a balm or oil wind because not all passengers are accustomed to the smell.
Minimize the effects of jet lag

Jet lag is a condition experienced by our body's biological clock due to incompatibility with local time. The more time zones crossed, the greater the effects of jet lag. The most frequent adverse effect is felt drowsiness, dizziness, loss of appetite and insomnia.

To fix this, try to sleep late if you will fly to the west, and earlier if to the east. Do it a few days before departure. Although not always effective to reduce the effects of jet lag, at least this way you train your body to adjust to new time zones.
Take advantage of the transit time

Many people prefer direct flights due to shorten the journey time. However, flight which requires transit also has the advantage. While in transit at the airport, our bodies have escaped momentarily from the cramped cabin. You can utilize this transit time with a walk in the airport area so that the muscles are not stiff.

get cheap airline tickets

Buy in advance

Buying tickets in advance does not mean having to wait until a year before leaving. Span of 2-3 months prior to departure is a realistic date for most people. Generally, you can get an offer attractive enough price to book tickets 2-3 months before departure.
Avoid the busy tourist season

Book tickets in advance does not guarantee you can get cheap prices if the timing was not right choice. If your vacation destination is to the north of Europe or other parts of the world, airfare to these countries tend to be more expensive in the summer (around June to August). Crowded tourist season is also associated with major holidays such as Christmas, Eid and Chinese New Year. If you just want a vacation destination, avoid the departure of which is adjacent to the big day. We should also be observed, there are plenty of great days are not celebrated in the homeland, but a big festival in a particular country. For example, the new year Songkran celebrations in Thailand. Things like this need to be considered.
Do not leave on weekends

Although not always, the price of airline tickets on weekends tend to be more expensive than regular days. Whenever possible, choose the departure time earlier in the week or the week. Ticket prices on a typical day is often much cheaper than weekends. You can save lots of money just by slightly shifting the day of departure.
Flexible with departure time

Chances of getting a cheap ticket to be even greater if you are quite flexible with departure time. Airline sites usually provide some alternatives - so you're not stuck with one choice only. Flexible departure time would give flexibility to choose the cheapest tariff.
Check flight schedules

Airlines that offer the best prices often do not have a schedule to fly every day for a particular purpose. Check their flight schedule so you do not need to fly with another airline ticket prices more expensive. This is another advantage of the departure time is flexible. You can choose the airline that offers the best prices.
Note the terms and conditions

Do not like it when reading ads offering tickets on sale. Take a good look: Is the price listed already includes taxes, fuel costs and other fees? Note also the other provisions, such as whether we can change the day of departure by paying a penalty? If it can be replaced the day, what is the cost penalty? See also the provisions on baggage, whether it is worth the extra cost for it? Such things often escape the attention of consumers.
Consideration of alternative routes

Unpopular route typically have more expensive rates. Instead, routes are popular with many options airlines usually offer cheaper prices. This is associated with competition among airlines. If an airline monopoly on a route of flight, surely they can more freely set their prices high.

If your goal is to happen to places that are less popular, consider the popular routes are located not far from your destination city. For example, a plane ticket to the Scandinavian countries are more expensive than the route to Germany. Consider for overland and water travel from Germany to Scandinavia.

This method can often be cut travel costs significantly. As another example, if your goal is to Hong Kong, also check fares to Macau which was quite close to Hong Kong. Who knows the price is cheaper and you can all walk to Macau.
Compare prices

Comparing airline ticket prices are a bit tedious job. Fortunately there are sites Expedia (www.expedia.com) to look for tickets at the lowest prices. However, it is not advisable to buy directly on the site because the price is often more expensive (because they draw a commission from each transaction of purchase).

Through information from Expedia, you can go directly to airline sites that offer the cheapest tickets. For domestic flights, you can search for information through Utiket (www.utiket.com). Local site provides information of all the fares national airline.

how to overcome jet lag

Jet lag is the term for the physical condition arising from the long journey that crosses several time zones. When they reach their destination, the body's biological clock is still following the time at the place of origin. Jet lag usually really feels when the time difference between the place of origin and destination of more than 4 hours.

Keep moving When you arrive at your destination during the day, while in the area of ​​your home it's late, forcing myself to stay awake and follow the rhythm of local time. Some activities you can do is walking or exercising so that when the night, the body is really tired and you fall asleep. Forced to sleep the other hand, if you arrive at night, force yourself to sleep or rest. Do it gradually so that every day so it can adjust the body clock. Avoid activities that deplete the mind and the power at night as a task or stay awake. Rest well rested before setting out as much as possible before leaving so that the body is ready for adjustment. Set the break / keep fit on the objective Change your watch according to local time, and follow the rhythm of the plane. For example, if you're from indonesia at 16.00 to fly to new york, then you are expected to arrive at 10.00. So,

safety on trips

Tourists and foreign actors often become easy targets. Surely you've read horror stories about tourists who become victims of crime and terrorism. However, do not let it dampen our intention to see other parts of the world is full of color.

Action underestimate the actual crime that claimed far more than terrorist bombs. Tourists are particularly vulnerable victims of the practice of brokers, theft, fraud, pickpocketing, and violent. This is what must be considered for all guests. In order not to become victims of crime and stay safe on the road, consider the following tips:

1.Pack a suitcase secure a safe journey starts from the way you pack your luggage. Make sure the suitcase or backpack that you carry a safety lock and is made of strong materials. Avoid carrying a purse or backpack brightly colored as it will attract the attention of criminals. If a bright red backpack stacked with other dark-colored backpack, what's on the mind of thieves? Almost certainly, bright red backpacks will be targeted first. Also avoid filling your bag or briefcase until it is completely full, because the big suitcase will always invite the attention first.
2.Leave the knick-knacks that do not have to remember, you do not set out to attend the party. So no need to carry excessive jewelry. Bring the necessary electronic equipment such as mobile phones, pocket cameras and music players. No need to carry a laptop or other sophisticated equipment that is not really needed. Leaving the identity cards that are not needed as a library membership card or club members. Similarly, credit and ATM cards, no need to carry it all. Quite a pocket that will actually be used alone. Bringing knick-knacks in a minimal amount will allow you to watch. This means reducing the risk of loss.
3.Do not put all the money and valuables in the bag. If you lose your wallet, it means you lose all the money and valuables. Put money in your purse or hidden in your backpack. If necessary, save money in the seams of clothing as a precaution to deal with undesirable situations.
4.Although you are totally blind to the location, berlagaklah like people who already know. At a loss for the purpose of location, never stopping in the middle of the road while showing the expression of panic. Keep walking, follow the stream of people crowded so as not to attract the attention of brokers, swindlers and pickpockets. After walking a few moments with the crowd today, looking for a small shop or cafeteria. Well, when it was relaxing in the cafeteria, you can open a map or guide book trips taken. If anyone wants to ask, ask the owner of a shop or cafeteria waitress. Their explanation is certainly more credible than the instructions brokers who want to make a profit from your ignorance.
5.In addition to trying to see who is experienced, of course you should be extra careful not to bring valuables easily become the target actor pickpocketing. Passport, credit card money, and other valuables should be stored in a purse or small bag attached to the body. You must increase their vigilance when in crowds or when the density in public transport.
6.Most importantly, to keep safe on the road is to use a General sense of you. If you feel uncomfortable sending messages, improve your vigilance. Do not be too bold to challenge risk because there is no benefit to ordinary tourists like you. For example, if the site seems very quiet, not in this place. In addition, it is better to remain in the room, if you are not sure about the security at night.

concise way of packing

Do not bring a suit based on a count of the number of day trips. Suppose you go five days,So make sure you only bring clothes that really need and do not be lazy to wash.Avoid heavy jeans because in addition to and not bother to wash them, also not easy to dry when wet. If you can wear disposable clothing, will greatly alleviate.
2.foot wear
Bring the foot pads that you wear from the left. for example sandals made of materials that can be used in the water. So, no need to bring slippers or other footwear to the event berbasah ria. In view of the footwear to be used for several days or even weeks, selecting a convenient way.
3.hygiene supplies
You should use liquid soap and shampoo and detergent bring in the form of sachets. That way, your luggage lighter because it can immediately discard. Keep in mind, if the goods you enter into the aircraft cabin (not the trunk), not allowed to carry liquids over 100 ml / bottle.
4.how to package
Take advantage of every inch of your bag as possible. Place large objects and heavy at the bottom and assemble every item neatly. Package each item as small as possible, so it can be inserted here and there. When you take the pads, put one in one outfit. At best, your goods are grouped into a plastic bag before being put in the bag. Besides being more compact, also a precaution against wet. Thus, if an incident such as shampoo leaked, not all things sticky.