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visit bromo at kasada ceremony

Luhur Poten Temple Mount Bromo and Kasodo 2011

Once a year the community held a ceremony Yadnya Kasada perch. ceremony in the temple is under the foot of Mount Bromo. And after the summit of Mount Bromo proceeds. Ceremony at midnight on the full moon in the early morning each month Kasodo According to the schedule of Java.
Kasodo ceremony performed around the year 2011,
dated August 15 Months

sources the people Ngadas bromo
Hindu Tengger tribe did not like the Hindus in general they have temples as places of worship.

Poten is a plot of land in the sea of ​​sand as a place for the ceremony Kasada. As a place of worship for the Hindu Tengger people, consists of several buildings arranged in a powerful arrangement of the composition in the yards of which is divided into three Mandala / area, the temple as a place of worship, but if the buildings are arranged in an array of composition in the yards of which is divided into three Mandala / areas, namely:
1. Primary mandala

implementation of the worship :

Padma a similar form of the house that was developed with total pepalihan. Its main functions of a place of worship of Almighty God, Padma not use the roof of the foot called Tepas, body / head server and the call comes with Bedawang juice, Nala, Garuda and geese.

Bedawang Nalamelukiskan giant tortoise supports the Padmasana, surrounded by one or two dragons, eagles and geese flying lotus position behind the body of each one according to mythology describes the majesty of form and function Padmasana.

Sekepat Building (four poles) or greater is at the side of the building of worship sehadapan / Padmasana, facing east or in accordance with the guidance of religious buildings open to the four sides. Its function is to serve through a series of ritual or ceremonial activity. Pawed ball and place of shamans during worship.

Kori Agung Temple benthos in the form of the statue's head with crowns square or rectangular buildings of several floors within many are reduced to the top with square or rectangular sides, a lot of parties on alit fathoms, fathoms or fathoms great medium. Tall buildings can range from as large or as tall as the monument 100 meters further allows for the beauty of the ratio of the temple

shape similar to the monument, his head wearing a crown coil rectangular or square much smaller multistory buildings to the top with a square, rectangular or square with sides a lot about one fathom alit, middle fathoms, fathoms great.

Kentongan bale, bale called kul-kul is located in the front corner of the temple courtyard, its form tepas composition, shelf, cider and roof coverings kul-kul/kentongan room. Its function is to place kul-kul who sounded early, late and when certain of the ceremonies.

Bale Bengong, also called holy Pewarengan Jaba located between the middle / intermediate mandala, the mandala insult / Jaba side. The shape of the building of four square or elongated row of two-pole two or more building area for the kitchen. Its function is to prepare the presentation ceremony needs to be prepared in the temple that is generally far from the village settlements.
mandala depan
where the transition from outside to inside the temple of the temple briefly / other supporting buildings. Temple courtyard bounded by the wall boundary Penyengker yard entrance at the front or jabaan middle / side of the temple wearing briefly and the main entrance to the innards of wear Kori Agung.

Penyengker temple walls and kori great moment there are various forms of variety and beauty of creation in accordance with its architecture. Temple building in general is facing west, entering the temple toward the east as well as worship and praying facing east toward the rising sun.

The composition of the temple building periods lined up between the south or south-south on the east side facing west and partly on the north side facing south.

soo every one who want to see kasodo ceremony this years 2011 it will be happen in august 15,20011
source kompas news letter and people tengger ngadas village